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Mallory Groff, PMHNP

Nurse Practitioner

(302) 683-1055

Insurances Accepted:

AmeriHealth Caritas



Delaware First Health

Health Options


United Healthcare

Mallory is a highly accomplished and compassionate psychiatric nurse practitioner with extensive experience in mental healthcare. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Akron in Ohio and earned her master's degree from Maryville University of St. Louis.


Mallory's dedication to improving mental health has led her to work with prestigious institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic and in community mental health settings in Jacksonville, Florida. Her professional journey has taken her across the United States, including North Dakota, Utah, Minnesota, and Alaska, where she provided both telehealth and in-person care to diverse patient populations.


Specializing in comprehensive mental health services, Mallory caters to a wide range of patients, including children and adolescents aged 5 and above, as well as adults. Her expertise encompasses various mental health conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and substance use disorders.


Mallory's approach to psychiatry centers on holistic care, evidence-based practices, and patient-centered approaches. She underscores the intricate connection between mental health and overall well-being, aiming to deliver compassionate, customized treatments that address individual needs and aspirations. Her fundamental belief is that psychiatry should empower individuals to attain optimal mental health and a high quality of life.

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