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Our therapists are available to the entire State of Delaware via Telehealth. While virtual counseling is not our primary service, we believe in doing all we can to keep our patients and clinicians safe. If you have never used telehealth services before, you may have a lot of questions. The information below should answer all of your questions about this secure and convenient way to continue online counseling services.

Clinical Benefits of Telehealth

* Convenient
* Safe, Easy & Secure
* HIPAA Compliant
* Safe Travel Time
*Done from the comfort of your own home
* No added cost
* Your insurance may cover telehealth 100%

How Does Telehealth Work?

You schedule a telehealth session with one of our clinicians
When it is time for your session, you will log into your patient portal. On your homepage, you will find your appointment time and link for your video session. Once the link is opened, you will be put into a virtual waiting room.
Once your therapist has logged on, the session will begin. 
(*Note: your session link will only be available at the time of your appointment) 

Does telehealth work for kids?

We see kids on telehealth too!  Our adolescent therapists are trained in virtual counseling techniques and have creative ways of working with teens on video. 
Teens also love being able to do counseling through telehealth. They often feel more comfortable talking to someone about their challenges through this familiar media. 

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