Dear Diamond State Counseling Patients, Families, and Friends:


We are thrilled that we will be opening our office June 15, 2020! We want to share our current plan for reopening and getting appointments scheduled.


We know that some will be eager to come in as quickly as possible and we are eager to see you as well. We are following reopening guidelines that limits the number of patients we can see per day.

Please note that we are still continuing Telehealth services.


What to Do Before you Arrive

Use the restroom at home. Our bathroom is closed at this time.

We are requiring a face covering (mask, bandanna, or scarf) at all times.

We will be checking patient temperatures with a forehead scanner to determine if the patient has a fever of 99.5 or greater. If so, or should you feel poorly, we will reschedule your appointment.

If you have been sick within the last 14 days of your appointment, you will need to reschedule. You will not be seen at our office until you are outside of this time frame and feeling well.


Arrival Protocol

Upon arrival, text the office at 302-894-7974 and include the patient's full name. We will reply when we are ready for you to come inside.


Please STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until we text you to proceed inside to the office.


In adherence to social distancing protocols, OUR WAITING ROOM IS CLOSED.


We ask only the scheduled patient be allowed to enter the office for the appointment (one parent per child).


We will direct the patient directly to the therapy office.


We cannot thank you enough for your support and cooperation during this difficult and unprecedented period. Warm regards,

The staff at Diamond State Counseling