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We understand that autism presents a unique set of experiences. Our team of qualified counselors provide a safe and supportive space for individuals with autism of all ages to explore their challenges and develop coping mechanisms for a fulfilling life.

How We Can Help: 

  • Social Communication: navigating social interactions, understanding nonverbal cues, and developing effective communication strategies.

  • Sensory Processing: We can develop strategies to manage sensory overload and sensitivities, creating a more comfortable environment.

  • Emotional Regulation: We can help with managing anxiety, frustration, and disregulation, building resilience and self-calming techniques.

  • Daily Life Skills: We can offer guidance on managing routines, organization, and time management, promoting independence and confidence.

  • Social Skills Groups: Group therapy opportunities for individuals to connect with others and practice social skills in a supportive environment (check for availability).


  • We collaborate with other professionals, such as speech therapists and occupational therapists, to provide a comprehensive support system.

  • We can offer resources and information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

  • We accept most major insurance plans 

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